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At Deadwood, we love tailoring your experience to ensure your stay with us is as special and stress-free as possible. Let us know how we can make your visit bespoke to you. From BBQ and Breakfast Packages, to balloons, treat boxes and bubbles, we can make it happen - just let us know.

BBQ package deadwood cabins

BBQ Package Options


Self catering is welcomed at Deadwood Cabins, but if you'd like to make your stay as easy as possible, you can enjoy a selection of locally sourced BBQ options. Please note: BBQ packages need to be requested and paid 2 weeks prior to your stay to ensure availability.

Customise your package and choose from the below: 

8oz Rump Steak, £6
x4 Sausages, £3
x4 Vegetarian Sausages, £3

x2 Plain Burgers, £2.50
x2 Pork & Apple Burgers, £2.50

x2 Vegetarian Burgers, £2.50 

x4 Chicken Skewers (plain or Southern BBQ), £3
x4 Fresh white or brown bread rolls, £1.50 
Halloumi, £3

Corn on the cob, £2
Seasonal vegetables, £5


The BBQ package can be added to your stay upon booking. Already booked your stay? Please contact us with your requested BBQ order and make payment 14 days prior to your stay to ensure availability. 

Breakfast Package

Help yourself to fresh eggs from our Deadwood chickens. Let us know if you would like bacon provided during your stay.  Pack of 6 Bacon is priced at £3

Celebration Packages

Are you celebrating a special occasion?  Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or an engagement, a Celebration Package makes for the perfect surprise to your loved one.

Celebration Packages are priced at £25 and include:
Helium Balloon
x2 small balloons

Bottle of bubbles

For additional balloons, please contact us ahead of your stay for pricing.

Bake Me Sweet

Deadwood Cabins are pleased to collaborate with Bake Me Sweet to offer fresh, speciality treat boxes and delicious bakes. Place your order directly via Bake Me Sweet 7 days prior to your stay, and we'll make sure to deliver directly to your cabin. 
Bake Me Sweet Treat Box  is priced at £12 and includes:

'S'mores by the Fire' Cookie Pies
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Flapjacks
Cowboy Brownie Filled with Pretzel & Oreo
Rodeo Red Velvet & Biscoff Cookie Cup


Contact Bake Me Sweet and place your order here.


Please allow 7 days notice for this service to ensure availability. 

Dolly and Doris Deadwood pigs

get in touch

Get in touch with us ahead of your stay to see how we can make your visit to Deadwood Cabins as special as possible.

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